About Me


Hello there!

A Canadian currently residing in central Scotland, I’m here to blog about what interests me. Usually this consists of either environmental issues, sheep, or adventures in the outdoors. There is also a bit about love and a bit about life thrown in there too.

I hail from the suburban nightmare that is south western Ontario, but call British Columbia my home.  I moved there when I was 18 and have loved all the new experiences made available to me – beautiful places, really fun activities, and engaging people. I’ve lived in Prince George with a lot of moose, in Invermere as a gardener at a little lakeside resort, in Fernie as a ski bum, in Whistler as a gardener/mountain biker, and in Victoria doing my uni degree at UVic.

I moved to the UK in October 2010 – primarily to be with my then-partner,  a lovely Yorkshire lad I met in Whistler a few years ago. A lot of my time spent here has been in the Lake District in Cumbria, in the North West of England. While in this rainy corner of the world, I have been learning all about the delightful British culture, exploring the UK’s little mountains, and picking up a mongrel accent of Canadian/British :). I’ve discovered the delights of cycle touring on little-frequented roads in rural Britain, have plodded along many boggy fell tops, and spent quite a bit of time cursing slippery Lake District slate while out riding my mountain bike. I have also fell very much in love with the rural idyll that is dry stone walls, market towns, hedgerows, and of course, sheep.

Sheep and farming have also dominated my life (or at least my thoughts) while here in the UK. So much so that being a shepherdess is now on my list of things to accomplish in life, which is linked to being part of the sustainable food movement. In particular, I am really interested in the ideas of regenerative agriculture – in essence, food that not only nourishes people, but also sustains thriving ecological and social systems. Resilience is a key word for me, and I want to make sure that all areas of my life reflects the idea of resilience within food systems.

For now I am currently located in Stirling, Scotland – working in the realms of engagement and outreach within sustainable food systems. My working self can be found here if you’re interested.

Enjoy the ramblings 🙂


4 thoughts on “About Me

    • Katie started it for me (ie bullied me into it!) back when we lived together in Victoria, so 2007 I suppose. I have only really regularly written in it since my 100-rides project, so it’s mostly from 2013/2014. I thought you knew!

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