Off for a sheep + cycling holiday (and Wool Fest)!

I’ve travelled back down to Cumbria for two weeks for a little sheep-and-bike filled holiday, yippie! The plan: to spend some time in Cumbria with friends, doing lots of sheep/wool related things – then spend some time in Yorkshire, cycle-touring and watching the Tour de France.

To start my holidays, I made the mad dash after work to the train to Cumbria, arriving just in time for knit night at the farm. I’ve spoken fondly about our knit nights before (here … and also here!) but essentially it is when an eccentric collection of characters regularly meet to eat and knit. They are really lovely, eclectic people and I was really happy to be able to make it. I was shown round the farm at all the new arrivals – ducklings and wee baby chicks, and a brand new nanny (lady) goat named Ruby!  She is wonderful – goats are really curious and friendly creatures.

The next day I was off to Wool Fest, one of the biggest celebrations of sheep and wool and crafty things in the UK. Had some friends there as well, so good to catch up and have a chat. Main reason for going though was the rare breed sheep – they have a demonstration/talk about all the various breeds and their particular background.

They also had a hand shearing demonstration with the native breed to Cumbria – the Herdwick sheep – and that was really good! They make it look so easy. Some more snaps of Woolfest + the rare-breed sheep show that accompanied it….

Tomorrow will bring some sheep shearing of my own hopefully, or at least learning about it in an up-close-and-personal kind of way! I will report back a.s.a.p! Till then, night night!



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