Ride no. 65 – Oh, right, I’m a cycle-commuter now …

Well it’s been about a week in Stirling for myself!

I’ve secured a place to live and mostly sorted out all the bits and bobs of ‘real life’ stuff. I now have a few miles to cycle to work, thankfully along a cycle path instead of trying to compete for space with cars on the road. It presents me with a bit of a conundrum about whether to ‘count’ these commutes as rides … I have always ‘counted’ my ride to Low Bridge End farm in Cumbria as a ‘ride’ and it is a similar distance to my commute. Hrm. So in the spirit of fairness (ie I don’t think I should count every commute, but I don’t want to completely disregard them) I will count a week of commutes (there and back) as one ‘ride’ for my 100-rides project!

So, this Ride was a week of cycle-commutes. It’s been a good week too – getting settled in at work with the project. Also spending lots of time outside in our community garden, which is (amazingly) part of my job. Yippie! Took a few photos in the garden, dressed up in cliche-farmer clothes, for ‘promo’ material. I love it, couldn’t look more like a farmer, wouldn’t you say? Now all I need are some sheep to complete the look :).



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