Ride no. 61 – To Morland we go! Knit night & the importance of community


Getting shown around Jane’s allotment!

A little bit of a commuting ride to a car-share-ride to knit night this evening! One of our regular knit-nighters has recently moved to Morland, and although it was a beautiful evening weather wise, the ride out there was a bit far for myself for a few hours of eating and knitting. So I pedalled to St. Johns in the Vale (in record time as I was late!!) and hitched a ride to Morland from there.

It was a beautiful evening of good company, conversation, mountains of amazing food and drink, knitting, and meeting new friends. I absolutely love our little knit nights – I feel like our meetings are more than the sum of their parts – they are not only a forum for eating and knitting (the primary aims!), but also of community connection, interaction, skill & knowledge sharing, and friendship.

I think community building in this fashion – whether it is a knit night, a pot-luck, a community woodland or garden, or even a bingo night! – is integral to forging relationships within communities. From these relationships comes trust and co-operation, which is a brilliant platform to start to working together for all sorts of reasons: to make local communities better, increase quality of life and well-being, and solve the big daunting issues that are difficult to face on an individual level.

This is why I would encourage folks to get involved in their local communities in whatever way they can. Getting together with those around you, sharing passions, ideas, goals – is the bedrock of social change. So much more than just eating and knitting, yes? 🙂




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