Ride no. 60 – The Yeti scales Grizedale Pike

p1130471 Epic ride tonight!!

Finally headed up Grizedale Pike, a long-awaited ride that calls for calm, clear, dry weather. When my fella and I set off at the valley bottom, it was just that – calm, clear, dry. By the time we climbed up amongst the fells, the wind had whipped up and severe looking clouds rolled in. Eep. It was still dry trails though!

I rode from Keswick and up Whinlatter pass, then sat in front of Cyclewise with my fella having some food before heading up up up the Red South loop. Up we pedalled, up all the way to the very tip-top of the Red South trail, then a bit of heather and bracken scrambling to the distinctive trail up Grizedale Pike. Once we left the trees the wind was definitely noticeable …. but once we were on the spine of Grizedale the wind was absolutely ridiculous. At this point it was a hike-a-bike, and the Yeti was hoisted up on my shoulders. This wind made it all very precarious – me balancing my bike on my back while slip-sliding around with my ballet slippers on the infamously slick Cumbrian slate…. all while the wind tried its best to knock me down the mountain. Hrm.


Myself coming down Grizedale


Once we got over the hike-a-bike scramble/ wind battle and to the top though, we were rewarded with a truly alpine-feeling descent. It was absolutely grand! Snaking singletrack … with steep loose sections, fast flowy sections, and stunning views – I would highly recommend this ride! Very glad that my fella and I got out on it though – I’ve been meaning to do this ride for absolutely ages and am happy (despite the scary wind situation) that it all came together :).


Myself & Grizedale pike in the background (is steeper than it looks!)


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