Ride no. 56 – To Blencathra on bicycles!

Path into the clouds

My fella and I had a day off together, yippy! The weather was markedly different than yesterday – chilly, drizzly, windy. It felt like we rolled the clock back a couple of months – but no mind, we set off for a bit of a walk anyways. Decided to head locally and ride over to Threlkeld on the old railway line. The weather kept all of the other ramblers away, so we had bumpy old trail all to ourselves.

Locked the bikes up at the start of one of the many trails up the side of Blencathra, and headed upwards! I’ve been in the Lake District now for over three years and haven’t been up this iconic mountain yet, shameful. My days and evenings off I usually end up on one of my bicycles – so I don’t usually fell walk that often. I do like hill walking though, it offers more chance for observing the details in the landscape than cycling does…. also it’s a bit more social than riding as it’s easier to chat when you’re at walking pace versus cycling pace!

The many ways up Blencathra

The many ways up Blencathra

It was especially nice to have a day off with my fella in the hills as I feel like this year we’ve barely had any quality time together. He has been in college full-time and worked part-time, and I’ve been working part-time and volunteering part-time – so between the two of us we haven’t had much time together since his studies began. I mean, I do see him everyday (we do live together!), but when you’re just doing the daily tasks of making dinner/cleaning the house/etc, I think you miss out on the increased closeness and intimacy that ‘days out’ together really gives you. Reminds you of why you’re with each other in the first place – shared interests, values, life goals … love :). Righto, sappiness over!

Jack scrambling into the mist!

Jack scrambling into the mist!

Hiked up and up into the mist and got some excellent views over the North Lakes before being completely surrounded by clouds. There is a good bit of scrambling up top on this route (can’t remember the name now, eep!), which was nice as it reminded me of my many hiking adventures in British Columbia at university. The difference here is that you could see a pub from the scramble … whereas in Canada you can usually just see forest, mountain, ocean, ice, or prairie! 🙂

Ride no. 56, short but sweet!

Ride no. 56, short but sweet!

After a few hours up in the hills, I felt like the world was set to rights again – a good walk and a long chat always does that pour moi. Unlocked our trusty steeds  and pedalled back into Keswick with a renewed sense of clarity and calm.


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