Ride no. 55 – Escapee lambs, playful Galloways, and lively chats at Low Bridge End


Back to the farm again! Had a brilliant ride over there – glorious, hot, wonderful sunshine!!  It surely is summertime now with weather like this. Saw some escapee lambs on the way over as well. Tried in vain to catch some to put them back in the field, far too quick for myself. Did manage to snap some photos of the chase though, and a very dramatic shot of a mid-air lamb jump! hehe.

At the farm, everyone has returned from Scotch-land, so we had to catch up on all the news, gossip and drama that goes on ‘in the valley’ over a cup of tea. After some tea, went out with young William as he tended to a poorly little lamb who had been bitten by a tick and was struggling around, looking a bit lame.


admitting defeat

The short journey to the sheep was interrupted by two very playful Galloway cattle that kept following us, trying to ‘nudge’ us a bit with their snouts. Now, William is quite attached to these beasts and knows them well enough – whereas I am quite nervous around anything bigger than a small sheep… so this encounter was slightly more exciting for myself! I danced around, ducking and hiding behind William while these massive cattle tried to ‘playfully’ bunt me. Eep. The Galloways soon realised that a) we didn’t have any food, and b) we weren’t playing any of these silly games, and scampered off to the far corner of the field. Good!


Poorly lamb and curious Galloways

Will got down to the expert administration of some meds to the poorly lamb,  putting her to rights quick enough. We talked a lot about different diseases sheep can get (pretty much everything) and how easily they can die (pretty much from anything) – it’s amazing anyone, anywhere, is a successful sheep farmer! Back to the house, where the resident kitty decided to ‘playfully bunt’ a little bat, who was slightly worse for wear because of the event. I love bats, and I especially love being able to have a proper look at one up close – it was really neat! Beautiful, delicate little creatures.


Had a delightful dinner with everyone as the evening wore on. As per usual, I ended up staying very late indeed. This time we started talking about all sorts of things you probably shouldn’t discuss in polite company – politics, mostly. I’m not really one to shy away from voicing my opinion, and neither are they, so it turned out to be quite a lively conversation in the end! I find political discussions with farmers endlessly fascinating though, as I tend to only really ‘get into these things’ with similarly-minded folks to myself (ie hippies). I think it’s good for folks to not keep to their ‘usual circles’ when discussing things they are passionate about – how else are you supposed to broaden your horizons if you only see your own narrow viewpoint? Didn’t end up agreeing on a right lot, but it was a good chat anyways :).


So I cycled home in the dark, guided by the light of my headlamp. It was beautifully peaceful and still outside, with a stunning silhouette of Blencathra beside me  – a rare clear and calm evening in the Lakes. Even managed to spot a badger darting across the road, and a tawny owl on a fencepost. Couldn’t have had a more classically rural day out if I tried – absolutely lovely!



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