Ride no. 54 – Why farmers wear jeans (and not lycra) in summer…



Over to the farm (Low Bridge End), yes once again, while this wonderful weather holds! It reminds me of being a little kid again, when I would cycle the 10km over to my best friends house in the long, warm days of summer. Mmmm. I took it leisurely on the ride over (as I always do…), as I got distracted by the surrounding hills and surrounding sheep. Got some photos of the bumps of High Rigg and the little flowers in the grass.

When I got there I bought a ridiculous amount of eggs as I needed lots, as I was playing egg-courier for the day! One of my mates who lives a couple doors down saw me riding out of town and we stopped for a chat. I told him that my hip-and-trendy evening off from work included pedalling over to a farm to hang out with farmers/sheep and collect eggs. He wanted some too – so I put a whopping 2 dozen eggs in my cycling bags and pedalled them back to Keswick. Now I can add Lake-District-local-egg-courier to my CV. 🙂

Anyways, had a lovely time as always – feeding little Millie the pet lamb, checking on the sheep, and asking lots of questions (this is a charming quality of myself!). Also had a bit of company riding back home in the form of sheep farmer William, as it was such a lovely and light evening out. Best to cycle home with sheep farmers, as you never know when you might need sheep expertise. Prime example – we had another lamb-saving mission on our hands en route! hehe.

It was a couple cheeky lambs who had got out of their fields just on the St. John’s in the Vale road… so not a very busy road, but still not ideal. William is much better at these things than I am, as I tend to panic slightly if ‘loose’ lambs come running towards me. So, true to form, this lamb came running over my direction, and I dove to catch it and ended up head-first into a patch of nettles :(. Grabbed the lamb all right and got him back on the right side with his mum … but ended up with silly nasty nettle welts all over my legs for the next couple of days! What a silly goose. Learned my lesson though – this is why farmers always wear jeans even in mid-summer! I was in cycling lycra short-shorts :P.

Well that’s all the excitement for Ride no. 54 … until next time, remember to mind the nettles!


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