Ride no. 53 – Welcome to the Red South Loop: a bit like B.C. riding, but smaller scale (& with a pub)



After work spin up to Whinlatter forest, to meet my fella and go riding!! It was another warm, sunny, dry evening in the Lake District (I could get used to this!), so a techy trail on the mountain bikes was definitely in order. I met my fella up at Whinlatter, half way around the Blue Route. We continued along this for a wee while, then cut off onto the Red South Loop on the forestry track.

Up, up, up we went – first on forestry track, then some loose and tight switchbacks… more forestry track’, and then yes, more loose and tight switchbacks.

I like this climb as it reminds me of riding in British Columbia – lots of big, long slogs up logging road in the dense forest, and as you head further up into the alpine, the trees thin and you reach whatever summit you’re aiming for. Then, you point the bicycle downwards, through the miles of dense coniferous trees, with the smell of pine and moss heavy in your lungs … mmmm.

The South Red at Whinlatter is a bit like that, but on a much smaller scale. And with a pub at the end :P.

Love me a bit of the South loop, especially when it’s dry. It’s techy and rocky at the top, super fun and grippy in conditions like today — and the bottom section is a go-as-fast-as-you-dare smooth and jumpy ride to the trails end. Brilliant!



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