Ride no. 52 – Mountain biking Catbells Terrace

p1120980This weather has been absolutely GLORIOUS! There is the Keswick Mountain Festival on this weekend, and I desperately don’t want to be sat with a bunch of people drinking beer (even if it is by the lake with like-minded outdoorsy folks!)  – I just wanna be out riding! So my fella and I headed out to zoom around the lake and head up onto Catbells Terrace.

Took our time with it and got some photos of the copious amounts of BLUEBELLS! I bloody love the Lakes at this time of year – all the flowers and the lush greenery, mmm. Also got some funny shots of some sproglette’s lost rubber boot – stuck onto a Bridleway sign. Hope they find it again before the rain comes back!

Not a soul was out and about on the trails tonight – had them all to ourselves. This is the miraculous thing about living in the Lake District – after about 6pm, everyone heads off the fells and back into the B&B’s and/or pubs. Suits me just fine, as it gives mountain bikers a chance to ride the trails without disturbing any walkers. Even on ‘legal’ trails (aka Bridleways), in the nice summertime weather there is often too many folks about to have a proper ride – you’re always on and off the bike (both upwards and downwards). In the evenings though it’s a cyclists paradise. I’d take this over drinking beer by the lake any time :P.



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