Ride no. 51 – Summer evenings at Low Bridge End

Low Bridge End

Low Bridge End

Spent a wonderful afternoon and evening at Low Bridge End Farm! An impromptu cycle over the hill and into the lovely valley that is St. John’s in the Vale. It was beautiful weather- warm and calm, sunny and dry. We’ve been really lucky with the weather this spring/early summer – once it’s been sunny for a few days, I tend to forget the cold, dark months of endless rain. It is worth it though, the endless rain, because when it is sunny in Cumbria it really is glorious.

I arrived to a seemingly empty farm, as most of the usual farm residents were in Scotland (which is where they can usually be found if not in the valley!). A bit of poking around, hanging out with the kitty, and taking some photos – and young William appeared from the sheep field.

After catching up on the Keswick gossip (there is loads) we went round to feed little Millie the pet lamb and have a gander at the ‘moo cows.’ Will keeps a couple of Galloway cattle, which are a super old breed of beef cattle. They are a hardy little animal, with a slightly shaggy, wooly coat on ’em to keep them warm in the harsh UK winters. You might have seen some of these breed around Cumbria – sometimes they have a big white stripe around their middles, called a Belted Galloway. I like them a lot better than most cattle as they are pretty small (comparative to your ‘regular’ beef cattle), and these particular ones are quite friendly.

Millie is growing fast – she won’t be a wee little lamb for long. There is a couple of past Low Bridge pet lambs on the farm too – and they sometimes see the bottle and come over to check it out for themselves. I think it’s quite sweet that these ‘old pet lambs’ remember and come running up. Who says sheep are daft creatures, anyways?

Ended up staying far too late and cycled home in the fading evening light. By that point it had also gone a bit chilly (I did come over in my mega-cyclist kit of lycra shorts and a little merino top, after all). So we rummaged through some piles of little-used jumpers and found me a suitable candidate to cycle home in! I looked like a right silly goose – lycra shorts, cycling shoes (complete with clips), and an oversized, knitted, old-lady jumper.

Super fashionable.

Super fashionable.

Yes, I am the height of fashion.



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