Ride no. 50, half-way through 100 rides this year! Bluebell ride to celebrate :)


Jumping shot for the win

A couple little rides today for the celebration of the 50th ride of the year, I’m half-way there, yippy!! An absolutely glorious day outside, I had an after work spin around Derwentwater. Stopped half way around when I saw a field of bluebells that were absolutely stunning. Took many photos of the bluebells, sat in the sunshine, and just enjoyed the warm summers day. What could be better for a half-way ride? 🙂

After the bluebell ride I got home to my fella making us a lovely dinner to take down by the lakeside. Who says Yorkshiremen aren’t romantic? Had noodles with a view of Derwentwater and chatted to my fella about all sorts of big life things on the horizon for us… me applying for lots of work in my field (environmental goodness), his possibilities for going to university for physiotheraphy, and where life might take us. Days like this make me really love the Lake District though … even though good weather can make for a slightly rose-tinted view of it all (I don’t usually wax lyrical about Cumbria in the middle of non-stop November rains!).



Here’s to the next 50 rides (and beyond?) this year! 🙂


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