Ride no. 49 – I <3 Cumbria – ride to knit night at Low Bridge End



Yes, folks – it’s another ride to Low Bridge End, this time for knit-night! I attend these knit nights (slightly infrequently) with some wonderful folks – there is a massive range in terms of age, background, profession, and knitting ability.  I’ve written about the knit-night from earlier this year, and also one last year too.

The highlights included the COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF AMAZING FOOD, lots of good catch-ups with some folks who I haven’t seen for ages, and a birthday tune sung for the resident basket-weaver of the group. Oh, and as you’d expect, feeding Millie the pet lamb was a highlight as well :).

I’ve said it before,  but I’ll say it again – I love Cumbria. This kind of get together always reminds me why I really love this rainy county. It is a rural, agriculturally based place – with all sorts of back-to-the-land crafty types about. My old landlord, who had the absolutely ace last name of Wigglesworth (true story!), said that the Eden Valley in Cumbria had the highest concentration of entrepreneurs in all of England. Not sure where she got this statistic from – she was an eccentric (and lovely) climbing nutter after all – but I would believe it. There are artisan bakeries and stone-ground flour mills (from water-wheel power, of course). There is a wool co-operative and a Mountain Fest. There is no shortage of local musicians and live music too – from toe-tapping folky fiddle music to steel guitar man-on-the-street-corner with his tiny Dachshund dog draped on his shoulders. Lively.

It also holds the Lake District – a curious mix of outdoorsy-obsessives, holiday makers, and wealthy second (or third) home owners. It is a bit of a tourist-town circus, but so is the ski resort town of Whistler, where I used to live. Keswick attracts an eclectic and cosmopolitan work force compared to similarly-sized rural towns in England, so I don’t mind the touristy nature of the place. The biggest draw for the Lakes though, is the landscape and the access to fells (“mountains”), which is second to none in England. All this considered, as much as I truly love and miss British Columbia, I will be a very sad bunny indeed when the day comes to leave the Lakes, and Cumbria, behind.

Well, that’s enough waxing lyrical for tonight. I will love you and leave you, as it really is time for bed. Better leave a photo of the delicious chocolate flapjack that I hoovered back after dinner though. Until next time!


chocolate flapjack!


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