Ride no. 47 – Visiting Millie the pet lamb, at Low Bridge End

Into the month of May! After a very hectic April – filled with lots of working, volunteering, lessons, etc – I am hoping May is a bit more chilled out. The weather was absolutely amazing the entirety of last month, and despite feeling like I hadn’t got out on my bike at all, I did manage a fair few rides. I had 11 rides, which is over my two-a-week needed to hit 100 rides this year, so actually not too shabby!


Looking back towards Keswick

Today’s ride, no. 47, was to my lovely farmer friends at Low Bridge End. They have been lambing all month and I’ve only been over a couple of times (shameful!), so I’ve missed most of the ‘action’ :(. I always say this, but I really do want to take the entire month of April off one year, and just help with lambing – best time of year methinks!

So I went over to have a good old catch-up and to see their newest addition to the flock, little Millie. Millie is a ‘pet lamb’, which means, for one reason or another, she has no mum to feed her. In this instance, her mum just kind of rejected her, so she has to be hand-fed. Which is where I come in!


Millie chewing on my zipper

So much love right there!! If you want to go visit little Millie (and the farm), it’s a great spot to stop. Low Bridge End has a tea garden with mountains of home-made cakes, and some self-catering and bunk-barn accommodation. It’s also situated in a quiet and often over-looked valley of St. John’s in the Vale, right underneath the High Rigg/Low Rigg fell walk. And, there are always lots of sheep, ducks, etc to visit if you get lonely. If you wanna know more about Low Bridge End, I’ve written about it here and here this year, and here from last year.

Hopefully I can go visit Millie soon before she grows up too much :).


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