Ride no. 46 -sunshine, dry trails, & lamb rescue :)

Oh what a ridiculously wonderful day to go riding!! And what did I have to do? A whole bunch of boring stuff. Like, take a driving lesson. Things you should know about me:

A) I dislike car culture

B) I dislike cars

C) I structure my life around sustainable transport options such as buses and bikes (not cars).

So, naturally, I’ve put off the lengthy (and costly) process of switching my full Canadian driving licence for a British one. This has a few reasons, but suffice to say it hasn’t happened until now. So now, in this gloriously warm and dry weather that does not happen very often in this wet and windy corner of England, I am stuck in a car, ‘re-learning’ how to drive the British Way. ARGH.

So, I snatched the only free hour in the day and rode myself up Latrigg. And, much to my delight, I not only got to go mountain biking on rad trails (yay!), but I got to save a lamb!! Which automatically makes the day uber ace! hehe. Let’s break down the play by play, shall we?

I came across a gate on my ride and heard bleating. I looked over and a wee lamb had managed to wedge itself between two fences and couldn’t find it’s way out again. It’s mother was looking on, bleating back. I put the Yeti to one side, grabbed my camera (as you do), and tried to corral the little lamb. Grabbed a hold of the lamb and gently set it down on the other side of the fence, where it ran straight to it’s mum.

Happily reunited 🙂

I left the sheepy duo to go about their day, and went down the trail with a smile on my face :). I zoomed down the dry trails in the sunshine – more smiles. It was shorts and t-shirt weather, absolutely glorious, and very few people about. These are the days I love living in Britain, where much of Canada is still just emerging from the cloak of winter, and here spring is in full swing. Mmmm.





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