Ride no. 43 – Evening light on Latrigg

Ride no. 43 was a dash out the door after work – quick, get on the bike before the light fades completely!


It’s been absolutely brilliant weather throughout April, and what have I been doing? Not prioritizing riding (like I have been throughout the winter), I have been working. And volunteering. And applying for jobs. And a multitude of other things that have come before riding :(. I feel like someone who lives in London and puts mundane, real-world things before riding and being in the mountains. Ridiculous!




Did get to play on Latrigg in the glorious sunshine after work though, so life is still good over here. Hopefully I will be back up and running (so to speak) with my riding-priorities soon enough. Once I sort out my work, volunteering, job applications, and on-going stomach issues. Hrm.

Until next time, y’all!


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