Ride no. 40 – the Surly Cross-Check in it’s natural habitat….


slightly crooked Skiddaw

Ride no. 40 already, yippy! Another quick ride after work (theme of the month?!) – this time was an intended road-ride on the Surly bike around Derwentwater. I got half way around though and saw the dry trails beckoning and decided to go off-road with my cyclo-cross-turned-touring bike.

I don’t usually go trail riding with the Surly, as it’s got all the touring set up on it (bomb-proof Schwalbe Marathon tyres, racks, fenders, drop bars), and doesn’t feel as nimble on trail as when I’ve had a more cross-set-up on it.

But I do love how this bike, and all of Surly’s bicycles really, are versatile and multi-purpose – they can take whatever you throw at them. I love how this bike can accommodate day-in-day-out commuting, ‘light’ cycle touring, a proper lycra-clad roadie ride, some off-road pedalling, or a shoulder-season cyclo-cross race.

You could even be a weirdo and go for the hipster fixie experience too. Ace. 🙂 ❤ Surly.



Until next time, kids.


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