Ride no. 39 – This is why we ride, is it not?


Focus on the details…

After a particularly busy day ‘at the office’, I ended my work week feeling a bit low and uninspired. A little ride in the woods above Derwentwater, complete with views of a sunset and some Herdwick lambs, sorted out the mood quick enough. Going for a ride always does that for me – banishes bad moods through the meditative-focus that is required on techy trails, and the perspective gained from ‘seeing the big picture’.


Focus on the bigger picture….

This is why we ride, is it not?

It’s a peculiar but brilliant activity, where you balance the vastness of the outdoors with the focus of riding. You can lose yourself in your surroundings – the smell of woodland flowers, the texture of the moss, the silhouettes of the trees, the depth of the mountains. Simultaneously (and conversely), the feeling of losing yourself is balanced by the immediate need to focus on the trail in front of you (lest you get chucked over the handlebars).

I’ve always said this is why I love mountain biking so much – this balance between the perspective gained from being part of something much grander and bigger than yourself (nature)… while also having to be intensely focused on what is in front of you (riding).

And that’s exactly what happened on this ride out – my wobbly mindset was quickly mended as the familiar thrill of riding kicked in. Instead of dwelling on mundane and unimportant things, my focus turned to keeping my tyres on the trail and my perspective shifted to what I really value in life.

The proof is in the pedal home – feeling much lighter than when I set off, with a big grin on my face. ❤


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