Ride no. 37 – Lambs & Twittering at Low Bridge End


Ride no.37 was a familiar one around this time of year – to the lovely Low Bridge End farm for more lamb sightings! And to see if we can get some social media tutorials going on over there too – I think this is such a lovely group of people and such a wonderful farm, and more folks should know about it! Hence an afternoon of learning-to-tweet, followed by eggy lunchs and lamb visits :).

Lots of good sheep-obssession-based photos today! First lot are of the poorly Gotland ewe, who had trouble the evening before with lambing. Sadly her little lambs died but she was looking bright eyed (and bushy tailed?) today thankfully! Also a few from farmer William tending to his flock, patiently waiting for the Hebridian sheep to start lambing. I am patiently waiting for this too! There is a shot of Will putting a bit more iodine on the lambs belly – methinks to thwart infection from the umbilical cord area.


And, yes, more sheep + lamb shots en route back to Keswick, in the fields just out of St. Johns in the Vale. These ones I stalked for a bit, trying to not make myself immediately noticeable. I watched the lambs play on their mum for a bit – that’s always funny to watch. There were so many just sat there enjoying the warm evening – so I just kept taking photos :).

That’s all for now though – many many sheep and lambs and wonderful Spring-time views. I am overjoyed that winter is truly over – long live sunshine and warmth!!


One thought on “Ride no. 37 – Lambs & Twittering at Low Bridge End

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