Ride no. 36 – Commute to knitting!

Ride no 36 – not as epic as my last ride, definitely! It was a social knit-night with Cumbria’s most eclectic knitting group, held at Low Bridge End farm in St.Johns in the Vale. I was absolutely knackered from my hike-a-bike/ride up Carlside and down Ullock Pike the day before, so this short journey took me AGES. So long, in fact, that I was massively late for dinner.

P1110454 After a wonderful dinner, and some very entertaining conversation (talking about the value of social media, where the age range of the knitters varies across about 40 years!), we retired to the ‘knitting quarters’ to knit and purl up a storm. At Low Bridge End we always sit in the front room for knitting – by a roaring fire. Offers of tea or coffee make the rounds, and everyone settles in for some more chat over the clicking of knitting needles.

There was a bit of a drama this particular knit night though – one of the ewe’s on the farm was having great difficulty lambing her twin babies and had to go to the vet. Sadly the two little lambs were dead already and the vet had to make sure the ewe was out of danger. Thankfully the ewe came back to the farm alive, a beautiful and tiny Gotland. This was her first year as a mum, hopefully next year goes a bit smoother for her!


Was treated to a very lovely sunset on the way to knitting though, it was a truly beautiful evening and super clear night. It isn’t often you can take advantage of clear night skies here in Cumbria, and see the stars in all their twinkling glory. But you could this night, and it was brilliant :). Since it’s lambing season now, there might be many more rides to and from Low Bridge End to see the new lambs in the future – stay tuned ;).


3 thoughts on “Ride no. 36 – Commute to knitting!

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