Ride no. 34 – Sunsets from Latrigg summit

Ride no. 34!   Glorious weather (again!) in the Lakes today – sun shining and fairly warm out too. I was inside for the majority of it, at work, looking longingly out the window – plotting my escape into the hills.


As I have mentioned a couple rides/posts ago, I’ve been a busy bunny of late, and today was no exception – I had a massive to-do list for after work, and a birthday get-together to attend as well… but I wasn’t going to miss out on riding my Yeti in this lovely weather!

So after work I headed straight up Latrigg to see the sunset from the summit. It was a beautiful blue-tinged sunset, with glorious wispy clouds – really pretty. My legs were definitely feeling it today – as I had gone for a cheeky trail run after work yesterday. I am managing probably (at most) a run per week, which just isn’t enough for my legs to not freak out every time I do it! So legs aching, I headed up to the top of Latrigg, got a couple of snaps, and zoomed back down in the fading light.

Yeti and I

Went to the local hip’n’trendy cafe/bar in town and met up with  a load of very drunken mates for this birthday do. The resident American lass (who is a lovely lady indeed) brought along a game called ‘Shrimp Cocktail’ which is effectively a kiddies card game.

There are cards with variations of shrimp on them – different nationality shrimp (Canadian, American, Mexican – all denoted by their different hats: canadian-flag toque, a cowboy hat, and a sombrero, respectively), different number of shrimp, different sizes of shrimp, and different colours of shrimp.

Shrimp cocktail!

The winning trick is: You each put down a card, and you have to be the first to recognize the similarity/similarities between the various shrimp on the cards. Once you recognize the similarities, you (usually violently) hit this star-fish-shaped squeaky toy in the middle of the cards, and yell out the similarity.

This involves much trepidation and excitement as each new card is turned over and you look for fresh similarities – and many sore hands as two people go to smack the star fish at the same time. hehe. It was BRILLIANT. I highly recommend it to kids and adults alike. 🙂


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