Ride no. 33 – Little lambs at Low Bridge End


Oh what a wonderful day!

Day off in the sunshine meant a cycle over to see the loveliest farming family in the valley – The Chaplin-Brices’ at Low Bridge End. I cycled over to St.Johns in the Vale after a lazy morning of coffee and catching up on some emails. It was a seriously beautiful day – bright and sunny with bluebird skies.

It makes me think that Spring is truly under way and soon we will have long days, lush green countryside, and warmth. Mmmm.

I rolled up to the farm just as the family was making lunch, which was quite fortuitous for myself as I got to partake in egg sandwiches and lemon meringue pie. Seriously – so tasty!

After a spot of lunch and catching up on all the local gossip (there is plenty), ‘Mother’ and I headed out to see the wee lambs. It wasn’t a long visit, as I had to pedal back to Keswick and crack on with some everyday chores and the like.

There were the triplets born a few days before, a set of twins, and then a protective ewe hovering over her newborn single lamb, born just that morning in fact! I could sit and watch sheep (and lambs) all day. I think they are such lovely creatures. Some day I would love a small-holding with some sheepys of my very own … but that’s a very long way off as a) I don’t have any money and b) I don’t want to settle anywhere just yet! Someday though :).

I bid a fond farewell to the Low Bridge End crowd and to the lovely lambs, and set off down the valley for home.


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