Ride no. 32 – Great Wood sunsets!


Ride no. 32 – a little jaunt on the Yeti after work to catch the last rays of sunshine. It was a beautiful evening  – clear, calm, sort of warm – who ever had the day off to play was in luck. This, of course, is a belated blog post written about a week after the actual ride … and the weather now is much more typical for early-spring. This means chilly and rainy… but still warm enough to encourage brave daffodils to surface, and little buds to emerge from the hedgerows.

There is lots to tell you all but sadly not this evening! Lots of exciting new things on the horizon, which hopefully I can elaborate on soon – but for now, suffice to say, it’s been very busy lately pour moi. Which means, not too much biking and definitely not too much blogging!

But hopefully I can eke out some free time after work tomorrow to write about Ride no. 33 – which was an amazing road ride to my mates’ farm to see their new LAMBS! It was brilliant! Lots of good photos and fuzzy warm feelings soon :).


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