Ride no. 31 – Windy, wild Whinlatter

After some truly amazing sunshine and warmth on my little cycle tour last week, the weather turned moody. Temperatures dropped, the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, and the rain started to fall. The spell of ridiculously-fabulous-Spring-weather is behind us and the more wintry weather is back for a little while more.

I had plans to tackle Ullock Pike on my days off this week,  but the wind and rain were very discouraging. So much so that on Tuesday I had to resort to low-level trail running instead of riding :P. Which was good… painful and slow… but good!

The next day it wasn’t raining so I thought I might be able to get up Ullock … but one look outside at the trees, blown horizontal by the fierce wind, and I thought Whinlatter was a safer bet for that particular day.

Riding to Whinlatter from Keswick was an effort in and of itself – the wind was so strong! Once I got into the trees though I had an easy spin up the pass and onto the trails.  As a Wednesday afternoon in late March the trail centre was pretty deserted, so I had the trails all to myself. I even almost ran over a couple forms of wildlife it was so quiet up there – an oblivious pheasant and some very surprised little deer.

Nothing terribly ‘of-note’ on this ride – no stunning photos, or insights into life, or epic adventures.

Just a good ol’ ride in the woods on a windy day. Until next time, folks.


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