Ride no. 26 – gorgeous weather for a grumpy ride

P1100388Ride no. 26 was a wee after-work spin up on Latrigg, the little local mountain. Up, over and around… plus a jaunt in Bruntholme woods for good measure. The trails are almost dry, and large portions are dry (such a novelty), and the weather was oh so agreeable that I wore shorts and a 3/4 sleeve jersey outside at dusk!

I feel like Spring has properly arrived, and true to Cumbrian form, it may not be here for long. So instead of spending the evening with some so-bad-it’s-good television after a long day at ‘the office’, I got straight out on the bike in a bid to take advantage of the good weather (and also banish my bad mood).

An irrational, grumpy mood has descended upon me lately – over the last couple weeks I have been feeling much more moody than is to be expected. Especially given such nice weather and getting out on my bikes – why, why does my head not correspond to what is going on around me? I did try though, to lift this cloud above my head by going out for a ride – but nope, still there :P.

Maybe I will feel better after the weekend – it always helps to have a couple days off from work to reflect on the important things in life. Gain some perspective. Make plans and set goals and figure out ways to work towards them. I really dislike not having a plan, so I think setting aside some time to re-evaluate will help this lingering mood of mine.


Hopefully I will be off on a mini-cycle-tour of the Lakes this weekend, heading from Keswick to Grange-over-sands and around the South Lakes. I also want to incorporate Kirkstone pass as I haven’t done it before… but we’ll see :). Until next time, kids.


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