Ride no. 22 – A VERY windy Newlands Pass

Yesterday was ride no. 22 of the year, a very, very windy road ride up Newlands Pass. The day dawned extremely windy but, finally, with some sun! A quick check of the forecast showed that the rain was supposed to be rolling into the Lakes later in the afternoon – so I got on my Surly quick smart and headed up Newlands to conquer the first pass of the year.

The wind was so fierce at times that I was pedalling in a very low gear, not moving forward all that much.

sheep! On the way up, I did get to witness a rather rural Cumbrian scene though – a farmer rounding up his sheep from the fells. I pulled over as to not get in the way and took some photos of my favourite subjects.

The ride itself was slightly a struggle – I felt super fit the last ride out, and for this ride I made the mistake of expecting the same thing. Nope, I definitely felt super unfit in me legs! Aw well, some days are just like that I suppose.

I did manage to get to the top of Newlands though, despite the slow legs. At the very top of the climb, where it gets mercilessly steep, I grunted and crawled my way to the summit, lacking any sort of grace.

The rain, as if on cue, started to fall as soon as I reached the top. The timing was quite fortunate for me – as struggling up that climb, into this massive headwind, with the added bonus of rain – might have been too much to handle.

With this massive wind at my back, I zoomed back down Newlands Valley as fast as I dared, getting absolutely soaked in the rain – exhilarating!

Back into Keswick, home again to get warm and dry. Made some coffee and sat smugly listening to the rain hammering outside on the windows.


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