Ride no. 21 – St. John’s in the Vale via Castlerigg Stone Circles

Ride  no. 21 was a small jaunt up St. Johns-in-the-vale to see my good friends, the Chaplin-Brice family at Low Bridge End Farm. And to buy some of their amazing eggs, as they have many contented chickens running about on their farm who produce very tasty eggs indeed. Didn’t take too many photos as it’s just a short journey – and I was also busy enjoying riding without a giant pack on (as I had been on the latest mountain bike tour of the South Lakes).

P1100123 I rode over to the valley via the Castlerigg Stone Circles, as its the quieter (albeit hillier) road, and took a few snaps of the dramatic clouds and the stones. Once I headed down to the valley itself, I was met by a lot of flooded fields and raging rivers. Apparently poor St. John’s in the Vale has been quite wet these last couple months, eep.

P1100132 After a lovely catch-up with the Chaplin-Brice family that continued well into dusk, I figured that I better get me arse in gear if I didn’t want to end up riding back completely in the darkness. I safely stowed my dozen eggs in my panniers and gingerly went on my way. And, if you’re wondering, the eggs did make it back safe and sound (and ended up becoming quite a nice lunch!).



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