Ride no. 16 – riding down a river, Great Wood

P1090670 - Copy

Ride no. 16 this evening, a little romp in Great Wood (+ surrounding area) above Keswick.

I set my lights charging before heading off to work this morning, as last night I didn’t don my ‘gore-tex suit’ and brave the rain. I sat in, ate lots of amazing food made for me by my lovely fella, and perused some pun-filled valentines greetings from my friends and family. I munched on some seriously-expensive-but-totally-worth-it chocolate and drank tea, listening to the rain hammer down on the windows. Twas a good night!

So I knew I needed to get my arse out there and ride after work. That was at about 5pm, and it was still light enough outside by that point that I didn’t need lights setting off – hurray! That means it’s staying lighter, later – spring IS on it’s way. Small victories! So I raced home, threw on my kit, grabbed my camera, invited my fella to come riding with me, and off we went.

Just a little one – up past Springs Farm towards Walla Crag, and then down onto various loops in Great Wood. We stopped to have a bit of a experimental photo shoot in the fading light, and I really like how they turned out, especially the black and white one up top there.

As for the ride itself, it was a good little spin … although the trails aren’t  just sodden any more, they have turned into all-out raging rivers. This combination – of fast flowing water, down a boulder-strewn trail, in the narrow beam of your head light – makes for a very interesting descent.

I get ping-ponged about on this trail at the best of times, so with this combination I was absolutely all over the place tonight.

Ping! Into the bushes.

Pong! Into the handlebars.

Ouch. A few choice swear words later, I had  made it out of the woods and was riding back home via the flooded shores of Derwentwater.

Sleep now though, as it’s back to work in the mornin’. Night night.


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