Ride no. 15 – the “I’m sick of winter” ride


Well kids, it’s that time of year again! The time of year where I get a bit sick of riding in the rain, wet, wind, cold, and dark of mid-winter. The other day when I was out in the sunshine of Whinlatter forest, admiring the bulbs poking out of the ground, I thought “hey, Spring is surely just around the corner!” … no, young Ashley, do not be fooled. This is still mid-winter, this is still storm season. And remember – you live in Britain – where summer comes and the rain just gets slightly warmer. Hrm.


Last night I wanted to go out for a ride. I was at work all day, bored with the menial tasks that come along with a job that is essentially meaningless, and just came home in a bad mood. I needed to get outside, be on my bike (or at a push, out running), in the woods and the fresh air. Doing so always reminds me why I live here, and work at the meaningless job :P, to be in these beautiful little mountains.

So, despite it still being mid-winter – the howling wind, the black darkness, the lashing rain, the occasional hail – I ventured out on my Yeti, into the gale. The conditions were so horrid that I even donned a gore-tex suit: full waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, and waterproof socks! I’ve never ridden with waterproof trousers on… it felt a bit clunky, but it was amazingly warm and dry. I might do it again tonight :).

 Well, I’m off for now. It’s valentines day and I might celebrate by doing another gore-tex-swaddled ride up in the woods. It’s windy/rainy/dark out again tonight though… winter wins this round.



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