Ride, ride, ride amazing British Columbia…

Videos like this make me feel blessed to be a Canadian, lucky to be a mountain biker, and happy that I discovered British Columbia and all of its beautiful places and people.

Why I miss the BC coastal riding scene…


Click above to take a look at this wonderful ‘character piece’ of Andreas Hestler that I found on Pink Bike the other day.  The 12-minute video records Andreas Hestler going on a five-day mountain biking trip around coastal/sea-to-sky areas of B.C. The video (and article accompanying the video) also serves to highlight Hestler’s long involvement in the sport.

I like the video cause it gives a brief taste of the epic riding that is all over this amazing province – and they only sampled a tiny bit of it! They rode in Maple Bay on Vancouver Island, Britannia Beach, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and Lillooet.

I really connected with this video because I have been privileged enough to live amongst some of the best riding scenes that Canada has to offer – Whistler and Vancouver Island. I’ve also been lucky to experience the riding scene in the rest of the Sea to Sky corridor, the Kootenays, Northern BC (well, just Prince George area 🙂 ), and the Interior.


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