Ride no. 13 – Rides in the rain = muddy teeth

Well, actually the equation should look a bit more like this…

Rides in the rain + big smiles while riding your bike down hills = muddy teeth

I’ve had a stressful couple of days that haven’t included getting outside in any capacity – so I felt like a ride was definitely needed tonight. Even though the weather was horrendous all day – lashing down with rain, fierce winds, hovering just above freezing – I thought a quick spin up a steep hill was exactly what I needed.

I find that the weather always sounds worse when you’re indoors, warm and cozy with a cup of tea and some cookies. This makes it all the more difficult to pull on those waterproof socks and just get out and face the elements. But once you do get out there, even in weather such as today’s, it’s really not that bad. And you always feel better for it. And what’s the point of owning a pile of Gore-tex and Merino wool if you don’t properly put it to use?!

Within an hour of leaving the house, I felt much better about life. I had huffed and puffed up a steep hill, heard the wind howling in the distance, looked around at the lights twinkling down in the valley, and even noticed that the Gorse has started flowering by the light of my head light. 😀 Spring surely must be just around the bend….

Until ride no. 14, folks – goodnight!



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