Ride no. 12 – Walla Crag (again) with my fella

P1090548 - Copy

I rode up Walla Crag yesterday for Ride no. 12, second time up there this week! Didn’t plan on riding there again, but my fella got home early from college and fancied hitting it up with moi, so out we went!

To be honest I was lacking motivation to do any new, exciting rides yesterday – the whole day I spent being a bit mopey at home, drinking coffee and doing internet stuff. So I was glad for the push to get out into the still-dry weather while it lasted.

I’m glad I did get out though, as I haven’t been out with Jack in a while and it’s always good to get out with  him. It was windy and wild out, and getting dark as we descended, so the ride felt more ‘epic’ then the trail warranted. Also the weather today was shite so it made me feel smug that I’ve been out on the mountain bike the last three days on the trot :).

P1090552 - Copy

I won’t get ride no.13 in until Friday evening at the earliest, as I have tickets for … (drumroll, please)… Banff Mountain Film Fest tomorrow night!! I love love love it and always have. I used to go with the University of Victoria Outdoors Club every year when I was at school – and you always came away from it all jazzed up to do some epic adventures. I loved the buzz of the place – everyone there was in Gore-tex or fleece (as opposed to being all ponced up high heels and satin as you would do for a show normally…), and everyone hd a shared love of the outdoors. I am so glad I live in a place that has this vibe too – Keswick really is like ‘England’s Whistler.’

Anyhoos, I’m off for now. It’s almost 11pm and I need to work in the morning! Toodle-oo!


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