Ride no. 10 – Walla Crag sunshine


After two days of solidly ridiculous weather, the sun briefly shone in the North Lakes today. I took this as my cue to get on my little bicycle and pedal up Walla Crag. As much as I’ve been talking about the ground being sodden in my recent posts, now the ground is at a whole new level of saturation.

The last few days a storm rolled through most of the UK, bringing with it super high winds and torrential downpours. Being ‘far north’ up here, we also got sleet/hail/snow! Saturday was by far the worst day, and my plans of going out for a night ride after work that evening were promptly reconsidered every time I would look outside at the sideways sleet/rain mixture. Shudder.

P1090391 - Copy

The ride was super windy but really good. I rode up the ‘boggy side’ instead of the steep footpath that I went up last time and it was pretty good going. Up and over the stone wall to the top! Stopped long enough to get a little shot of me riding through a bog, with the summit cairn in the background :).

P1090398 - Copy (2)

The descent was fun, fast, and as always, rocky and technical. At points it was like riding down a river bed as it’s just so wet out, but it just adds to the challenge. It’s such a brilliant ride, I absolutely love it. Both the ascent and descent have challenging moments, and how you choose your line can make it a lot easier/harder depending on how you feel that day. The views over Derwentwater, over to Skiddaw/Blencathra, and up Borrowdale valley are fabulous, too. And, it’s a good length (not too long or too short) for an after work spin, and leaves just from Keswick. 😀

Well, that’s all for Ride no.10. Tomorrow will be no.11 as I have the day off work and it’s supposed to be one of the last clear days before another big storm rolls in on Wednesday. Eep. See you tomorrow!


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