Ride no. 8 – Watendlath

WatendlathRide no. 8!

Another road ride today as the rain just keeps on falling in Cumbria, so the ground is STILL sodden. Tomorrow is my last day off from work this week though, so I better get my big-girl pants on and get out on the mountain bike… or I’ll be riding after work, in the wet AND the dark, later in the week if I don’t!

The ride today was good – a long, steep slog up to the tiny cluster of houses known as Watendlath, just down the Borrowdale Valley. I chose to head up there as I wanted to stay warm in the just-above-freezing temperatures today … and going up the steep bends on that road definitely kept me warm!

Although it was great to be out and about, the ride felt hard today. Instead of my usual ‘spinning my legs like mad’ up the steep hills, I tried to keep it in as hard of a gear as I could and churn it out. It felt slightly horrible though as I haven’t been pushing my ‘big gears’ lately, so my legs were aching and I was huffing and puffing like a right mad woman. I even did the zig-zag up the hill to make it less steep at points. But! I made it up in a harder gear and will be fitter for it.

Watendlath is a good quiet ride this time of year – the road only goes up to the houses and to some walking trails – so you don’ t have to worry about sharing narrow roads with a bunch of traffic. And, another big plus, there were lots of wooly Herdwicks around :).

Anyhoos, just a short one tonight as it’s a quarter to midnight and I’m a sleepy goose. Nighty night!



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