Ride no. 6 – A very dark ride indeed


Ride no. 6 was a little spin up in Latrigg woods in the pitch black late on Friday night. I came home from work and thought that if I wanted to go for a ride in the next couple days I’d have to do it right then, in the quickly fading evening light. Instead of just getting out on bike straight after work, I made dinner. Then cleaned the flat. Then dinked around on the internet…. etc, etc, etc. Before I knew it, it was almost 9 pm and I was dragging out my riding shorts, merino wool, and night lights.

P1090057  It was just a quick ride as it was pretty bloody cold outside and the trails were ridiculously wet. It wasn’t actually raining when I was out (yay!), but the ground is completely saturated in the Lakes right now.  Thankfully I dressed in a silly amount of layers so I wasn’t cold, and rocked out to some ace tunes while I huffed and puffed up the trail in the dark.

Once I was home, showered, with a cup of tea in hand and my fuzzy house-coat on, I felt quite smug about my late-evening outing. Most folks on a Friday night would be out on the lash, getting pissed, and I really like that I’m not one of them. Better to be covered in mud, zooming around on empty trails, through the woods late at night.


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