Ride no. 4 – Loughrigg Terrace, near Ambleside

Ride no. 4 of 2014 – Loughrigg Terrace just outside Ambleside in the South Lakes. It was one of those days where I woke up, and it wasn’t raining, and I thought – ” right, let’s get in a massive trail run today!!”. So I hoofed down some breakfast, got my running shoes on, and out the door.

Off I went, running my little legs up and around, and down and around, and then up and around Latrigg mountain. It was close to two hours of running (well… jogging) in the forest and mud on this cold and clear day. I got home with thoughts of a hot shower, coffee, and cookies on my brain. Instead I was greeting by my smiling partner, who gained an unexpected afternoon off from school, and said “Great, you’re home – let’s go riding!”.

Normally I would be stoked at the prospect of going riding with my fella, as it doesn’t happen too often these days,  but I was less than stoked at having just ‘done my legs in’ with my version of a long run.  But, no matter – a bit of persuasion from Jack, some coffee-to-go, and we were out the door.

The riding was actually super good – I felt fit and confident, and the trail is fun. It’s not a demanding or long trail, Loughrigg, but it is iconic and super popular in the South Lakes. Even though it’s easily accessible from Ambleside, the trail feels much more remote than it should for how short and close to town it is. On our ride there were snowy mountain tops in the distance, and a low cloud cover kept us reasonably warm. This bridleway is easy fun on a bike – highly recommended for an after-work romp or for those horribly rainy winter days that you are short on daylight, fitness, or both. 🙂

We also saw some beautifully painted sheepys that made me act like a total sheep-paparazzi at one point. I love when they are all marked up to distinguish who’s who in the sheep world – it adds some colour to a pretty brown/grey winter landscape.

sheeps!Now I am finished with my epic run+ride day, I’m going to relax with some coffee, cookies, and Radio 6. Mmmm.


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