Ride no. 2 – Sunshine returns to the Lakes, Whinlatter ride

Ride no. 2 up at Whinlatter – appreciating the sunshine!Ride no. 2 of the year consisted of a wee jaunt up to Whinlatter forest. Generally trail centres are built as ‘all-weather’ trails, so riding them after a soggy week in winter is a good way to go.

I could spend all day outside when it’s sunny like this – living in the North of England makes you very appreciative of the sunshine when it does make an appearance. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that didn’t have four distinct seasons. It sounds cheesy, but the lack of sunshine and warmth and daylight over winter makes you relish the summer months that much more.

Shadows in the trees

Since ‘good weather’ is so typically limited in the winter in Cumbria, any decent weather (read: not raining) is a strong incentive to get outside. This leads me to believe that those of us living in the North of England, or the West Coast of Canada, get out more in all weathers (and are hardier too!) than those in unlimited-sunshine destinations like Southern California.

I also think that living in such changeable ‘mountain weather’ (both here the Lakes and in Whistler) slants your idea of what ‘good weather’ actually consists of. I’ve heard myself say, on multiple occasions, that it was ‘a really nice day out’ when it was only slightly drizzling (as opposed to an all-out downpour), or when the thick cloud cover seemed ‘bright’.

This logic might seem a bit delusional, but to me it’s all about balance – as Jack would say,  ‘taking the rough with the smooth’. And living in a place with four-seasons and ‘worse’ than average weather, definitely makes you appreciate a sense of balance in the weather, as well as in life.





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