Happy New Year! Ride no. 1 of 2014

Happy 2014 to readers one and all!View over a soggy Keswick

View over a soggy Keswick

At last count, I was at ride no.48 for 2013, but this was back in JUNE, halfway through the year. The good news is that I do love writing about my rides, and I have all my rides for the year written down and photographed so that they can be blogged about. The bad news is I haven’t caught up with the rides yet … but I will! In a bid to not get ‘further behind’, I’m going to start writing about the rides of 2014.

Before the New Year, I had just spent two weeks on holiday visiting friends and family in Canada and Yorkshire over Christmas, and returned to the Lakes itching to ride my bike. Unfortunately I also spent a portion of my holiday on the couch with the flu, so I was a bit concerned about how I’d feel on my bike – I huffed and puffed up there without much trouble thankfully.

Yeti sitting out of the wind

Yeti sitting out of the wind

The first ride of the year was a common short ride for me – to the top of Latrigg, outside Keswick in the Lake District. The weather across England in December and early January has been truly horrific, with numerous severe storms making this island very sodden and very wind swept. It was a similar story for my first ride – it had been raining and windy most of the day – so I donned my mud kit and got out there. I’d been off the bike for about three weeks by this point, and it just felt fabulous to be outside riding my bike.

all bundled up for the wind and mud

all bundled up for the wind and mud

After spending a couple weeks in impenetrable snow, ice, and freezing temperatures in Ontario, I have a renewed sense of gratitude towards the rainy but mild-the-year-round climate we enjoy here in the UK. It just feels like a privilege to be out on the bike – most of my fellow Canadian riders haven’t hit the trails since early Autumn, and won’t be back out there until late Spring. And yes, the UK riders can winge about the wind and the rain, the bogs and the trench-foot, but hey – at least we’re on our bikes :).

And on that note, I leave you for now. May 2014 be a rad year for riding! 😀


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