Ride no. 47 – Lost Lake Trails, Whistler

Ride no. 47 consisted of showing two of my best mates around Whistlers super-fun trail network of Lost Lake.

My one friend, Nouri (like Murray, with an N), only had his big ol’ DH bike with him, as his trail bike is a bit poorly at the minute. So he rode these very much XC trails with his massive bike, stomping on every rock roll he encountered.

Christina has my old chariot the Giant Trance, my first ‘proper bike’, and is treating her well, riding it better than I ever did! These two lovely friends of mine moved to the Sea to Sky for the summer to ride bikes and save the world (earning their PhDs in environmental economics and bear conservation) – very good way to spend the summer methinks.

It was brilliant to be on the Lost Lake trails once again – many an evening after work I would do a wee lap in the woods on these trails. I often rode these trails as they were always guarenteed fun, not too difficult, you could make it as long or as short as you fancied, and had some traffic on them (so you were less likely to encounter a bear by yourself). And there is always Lost Lake nearby to take a little swim in if you get a bit hot and bothered from all the riding.


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