Ride no. 46 – Home again, home again – Whistler village

P1020248 - Copy

Ride no. 46 was one of nostalgia (and function – I was commuting in and out of Whistler via my borrowed bicycle). I rode from my little temporary home in the Athletes Village at Cheakamus Crossing up into Whistler village on the good ol’ Valley Trail. Up and over the brand-new Function to Spring Creek section (smooth!), to Bayshores.

Went past ‘the Bayshores Mansion’, where my fella and I first lived together… by accident, sort of… before we ever dated. It was strange, round-about way of living together, but essentially Jack and I moved in together about a month before we ‘were official’.

I blame the constant housing shortage in Whistler for this arrangement, as  I struggled to find reasonably priced accommodation that didn’t include a load of 17 year old drunken Aussies . So, I inquired with Whistler-Blackcomb (the MEGA CORPORATION) to see if any of their staff housing was reserved for ‘old-ladies’ like myself. As luck would have it, they did – a massive house in Bayshores that they rent out per person (that is, per room) for $400/month. And, no one else was currently living in this ‘responsible staff housing’ — so I had it all to myself, brilliant!

That is, until my crush at the time – a handsome, pouffy-haired Englishman – decided that it sounded like too good of a deal to pass up, and moved into staff housing with me! What a disaster, I thought – surely the last thing you want to do with someone who is an emerging crush is LIVE WITH THEM. Boof. My fears were unfounded though, when lovely Jack moved in and made me dinners and cups of tea, which made me have an even bigger crush on the lad. One thing led to another, and here we are, living in England together  4 years later! So yes, very fond associations with the Bayshores Mansion :).


Up through the hustle and bustle of Creekside, where I stopped just long enough to take advantage of the ludicrously cheap blueberries on offer there – like $2 a pound!!!! I must have spent a hundred bucks on blueberries over my six weeks in Canada… oh so bloody good, and much cheaper than in the UK.

Then to the village to sample the GIANT cookies at Gone Bakery, as well as the absolutely stellar coffee at Mt. Currie Coffee Co, which is thankfully in Whistler now! Honestly, British Columbians know how to make coffee – it’s a whole other level over here…. so much better than more of the  coffee. Yes, England, you do tea much, much better – but we still beat you at coffee (and wild animals and mountains too).

Spent the day in the village doing all the things I used to do on my days off when I lived here – eating good food, drinking good coffee, reading The Pique (Whistlers very own newspaper), hanging out in bike shops,  and chatting to old friends. I cycled back home via the Valley Trail once again, stopping to hang out in the sunshine at Alta Lake and Wayside Park (where the cabin + lake shot at the top is taken). Late in the evening there was a ‘Super Moon’ (aka a big ass moon!) , so I attempted a bunch of blurry photos of it (still working on the camera skillz). Take a gander below :).


The Super Moon and myself, in lovely Whistler


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