Ride no. 45 – Back in Whistler, Justanother Trail

Old photo of the area where Justanother trail is located

Old photo of the area where Justanother trail is located

Ride no. 45 of the year was a particularly special ride as it was back in my ‘home town’ of Whistler, British Columbia. My immigration visa finally (finally) came through, after a year of waiting, so I set off to Canada for a six week holiday. I spent three weeks in B.C, and three weeks in Ontario.

I need a proper post to explain all that I did while home, as well as all the thoughts and feelings that arose while being back in familiar surroundings, but that isn’t this post! I really do love Canada, and I desperately do miss British Columbia. Suffice to say, I had a wonderful time, although it was more emotional than I expected.  Anyways… onto the riding :).

Ace stickers on the back of James's truck

Ace stickers on the back of James’s truck

My first ride back in the home-country was unfortunately not photographed, so some random shots from afterwards will have to do for now. I rode on a borrowed Trek Fuel (that was slightly small pour moi but definitely did the trick!) on the newly built “Justanother Trail”. The trail is another entrance onto the Trash trail, complete with swoopy rock rolls and loamy dirt, located under a canopy of mossy trees. Mmmm.

It’s actually named after a rad rider and even radder photographer based in Whistler named Justa – (get it? JUSTAnother trail…). This is her website – take a gander, she really does awesome photos of the stunning Sea to Sky corridor (and beyond!).


James singing the Replacements!

I rode with my friend, the legendary James Brooks, who actually built Justanother trail. This man knows every trail in the Sea to Sky… and all those to be found in and around Vancouver. Actually, it’d be pretty safe to say he knows all the trails in the Lower Mainland (and some in the Yukon, too). James was one of the first folks I met in the riding scene in Whistler, about six years ago now. In typical Whistler fashion, we met at a Loonie ride, the famous weekly mountain bike race/ride series.

Ever since then, James has been nothing but a stellar riding partner and an incredibly generous friend. He’s always been there for Jack or myself to share his home, give us a ride, or show us the way – this trip of mine was no exception. I stayed at his home in North Van, he drove me up to Whistler, sourced me an awesome little mountain bike, picked me up from the airport, made fun of my ‘British’ accent, and, yes, even made me banana pancakes! What a star.

So, James and I on Justanother trail for my 44th ride of the year, in the lovely Whistler. More to come on the Canadian riding I got up to!


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