Ride no. 43 – Around Skiddaw on mountain bikes!

Ride no. 43 was a big ol’ ride on mountain bikes – a circumnavigation of Skiddaw mountain!


At this point (in early June), it had been dry for a couple weeks (a rarity in the Lake District), so my fella and I thought this would be a good ride to tackle – as it is a rubbish wet-weather trail (read: BOGGY). So we set off up the Latrigg bridleway, then scooted around and up Lonscale fell. Up, up, up to Skiddaw House, where England’s ‘most remote hostel’ is located (… it’s really not that remote… but I’m Canadian, so I might be slightly snobbish about these things).

From Skiddaw House is a fun descent through lots of heather moorland – which would be a proper nightmare if even slightly wet, as there is a massive sink-hole bog on this section. This sink-hole bog was still quite soggy after weeks of dry weather – I can’t imagine what it would be like in the winter… big enough to swallow a bus-load of school children I reckon. So, we swooped down the fast singletrack all the way basically to Mungrisdale.

Once at Mungrisdale, we headed towards Heskit-Newmarket, turning left onto the big bridleway that swings round the back of Skiddaw. We pedalled (and pedalled, and pedalled) through the vast grasslands behind Skiddaw until we hit the lonely singletrack road to Ormthwaite.

Looking Ireby way

Instead of electing to go back up to Skiddaw house via White Dash Falls, we smashed out some road miles back to Keswick via the Bassenthwaite road. Smiles all round once we got home, as we were knackered and super hungry! It’s about 30 miles / 50 km round Skiddaw, not too shabby eh? 🙂

Headin' home - beautiful sunset over the mountains in the distance


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