Ride no. 40- Whinlatter & Newlands pass

Another glorious sunshiney day in Cumbria! P1000909 The sun is shining once again, beautiful weather to ‘smash some passes’. I headed up Whinlatter with gusto, until I remembered that my knee wanted to be a jerk lately (It’s been acting up slightly), so I took a good long break at the top of Whinlatter pass to take some artsy photos of the Surly and such. P1000764P1000789Headed back down into the valley towards Buttermere and found some lambs … of the Jacob’s sheep variety! So, I stopped there for a good long time taking a ridiculous number of photo of sheep (too many to be considered healthy, really) and started to become hungry and cold so set off once again. Had a little stop to admire more sheep and the beautiful little church in Buttermere village, and then started to think about heading up Newlands Pass.

Right before I set off to head up Newlands, I saw two young lads dinking around on a shonky road bike and old school mountain bike. Since they were wearing board shorts and sandals, with no helmets, and had no water/tools/etc  with them I figured they were just having a toodle around the valley bottom in Buttermere. Then I saw them ascending Newlands though and thought, ey up, well done lads! P1000903 I could see the little dots of the two unwitting cyclists moving in fits and starts up the pass. I set off and caught up to them about mid way, then saw them again at the top where they summited Newlands looking about to pop. Got to chatting and the two lads came from Keswick via Honister pass! No helmets, shonky bikes, no water – mental cases these lads. They set off a couple hours ago from Keswick, intending to go around Derwentwater and ended up climbing Honister and descending into Buttermere. Oh my. I say good on em, sounds like an adventure! Although I would have done it with at the very least a helmet…. P1000891 P1000880 - Copy P1000922 Zoomed down the super fun descent through Newlands back home, basking in this glorious thing we call sunshine (oh if only Cumbria saw sunshine more often!).


One thought on “Ride no. 40- Whinlatter & Newlands pass

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