Ride no. 39 – Whinlatter wander

P1000639 - Copy (3)

A couple trail runs, a wedding, and a new camera (woo!) later and I’m back on the mountain bike. Just a small after work ride up into Whinlatter forest, some sneaky hidden trails that Jack knows well. I’ve been having strange stomach issues (as I have had on and off for years) which were acting up that evening too – making me knackered and feeling sick :(.


Did manage to get a couple of good photos though on the new posh camera, exciting! I will have to write about  it more later on, but essentially I bought a Panasonic Lumix GX-1. Not a ‘proper DSLR’ but not a point-n-shoot, but a compact system camera, which is somewhere in between. So far I love it – it’s small enough to take cycle touring or hiking with me (where I take the vast majority of photos), but has enough manual functions for me to learn what ‘big boy’ cameras do. Will have to write a bit more about that later though…until there, here are a couple shots.



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