Ride no. 38 – Sunny Latrigg!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh, my poor mountain bike! Since our cycle tour on Kintyre I have all but ignored my lovely little Yeti. To be fair though, since we returned from our little cycle tour it has absolutely pissed down with rain and I have felt no desire to get myself sopping wet on a bicycle again. Oh, and we had hail. HAIL! In May! Ridiculous British weather.  So, a sunny day called for shorts, a T-shirt (what a novelty!), and a spin up Latrigg on my mountain bike.  Here some snaps!





2 thoughts on “Ride no. 38 – Sunny Latrigg!

  1. I’m new to wordpress and I have really enjoyed reading your blog. My first moutain bike ride was at Whinlatter and I try to get down to the Lakes every couple of months or so for mtbing and walking. It was lovely to read about your aim for 100 days riding and see all your fantastic pictures of the Lakes – I’ve got some new route ideas to check out now too!

  2. I’m glad to hear that you have fallen in love with biking! I try to get out as much as I can, although I also try to get out walking and to do some very slow trail running too. Biking is the big one though for me. I have no idea how many rides I’m up to now, but I have jotted them all down somewhere to blog about soon – hopefully I’m up close to 60. It’s really nice to see more women riders – if you ever need advice about where to go (or want a riding buddy in the Lakes) just drop us a line. Not sure if there is a message function somewhere on here… (not too good with the wordpress gadgetry yet!).

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