Ride no. 36 – Mausdale to Tarbert, Kintyre cycle tour Day 4

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Another relatively short day to the lovely little town of Tarbert, at the north end of the Kintyre peninsula. The ride was uneventful apart from my period cramps, which reached biblical proportion about halfway through the ride. My lord. Next time I get my period while cycle touring I’m declaring the one day I get cramps as a rest day, no matter where we are or what we had planned. I was in a foul mood, I ached and ached, and I found it a struggle to pedal. It was to the point where I ‘spit the dummy out’ pretty massively just a mile or two from our destination – poor Jack. He really is a patient and tolerant man to deal with a crampy, PMSy woman on tour.


Once we reached Tarbert and checked into our B&B, I got a shower, a load of Ibprophen, tea and chocolate, had a lie down, and felt worlds better. Once I felt better we wandered around the pretty little town of Tarbert , which apparently gets skipped over by tourists who are racing to get the ferry to the Isle of Isla which is just a couple miles down the road. It’s a real shame that this place doesn’t get more visitors, as it is a nice little town with a harbour, some walking trails, amenities, and a castle which sits atop a hill overlooking town. There is even a hip and trendy café that serves proper coffee and tapas, located on a boat docked in the harbour – it’s fab. The owner was super friendly and chatty and makes a delightful latte (very hard to come by in rural Britain, and yes I’m aware I sound very upper-middle-class… I’m just poncy when it comes to coffee people!).


Settled into our ridiculously over-the-top, tackily decorated, but very comfortable room and went to sleep, hoping for sunshine the next day!



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