Ride no. 35 – Campbelton to Mausdale, Kintyre cycle tour Day 3

Hello rain!


Day three dawned very ominously indeed. Woke up to heavy black clouds threatening rain any moment, with a bit of gale force winds thrown in for good measure. We had a very short day ahead of us – 18 miles – but our reluctance to leave the hostel was palpable.

It was to the point where we were gonna just say fuck it and stay there another day…. But then it would mess up all our scheduling and ferries and trains, so we did finally swing a leg over the bikes. Got as far as the Bluebell café in town (hehe) and the very well-stocked little tourist information centre. I could have looked at all the books there for hours and hours – so many interesting selections about Scotland, the islands, crofting, etc etc – brilliant. Got a MILLION postcards for friends and family in Canada and the UK and wrote them while we strung out our coffees in this café until we couldn’t string them out any longer.

Into the wind and rain! It was okay to start with….and then just went insane. The wind was behind us, and so strong that we made ridiculously good time to our destination for the night. The odd time that we changed direction slightly and it was a side wind really terrified me. The wind was so strong and the rain so hard that I thought my little bicycle would just hydroplane over on its side and I would keel over into a big lorry trying to overtake these daft cyclists! Good lord.

We stopped in a bus shelter to drink tea and try to regain the use of our fingers. Jack, as always, was in good spirits, thinking the entire ride was thrilling! Me, not so much… but we made it to our little B&B (‘Happy by the Sea’) in Mausdale and the weather actually cleared up. It’s amazing just how quickly it can change here on the coast!

Spend the rest of the evening having a little wander on the beach when the sun came out, drinking copious amounts of tea, and eating copious amounts of chocolate in our little room. We were both a  bit giddy and silly from the over-the-top day we had – it was brilliant.


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