Ride no.34 – Lochranza to Campbelton, Kintyre cycle tour Day 2

Day two – Kintyre cycle tour, Lochranza to Campbelton

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWoke up the next morning to brilliant sunshine! Supposedly the best weather for the entire trip, also one of our biggest days in terms of miles (not that big, about 30 miles, but it was a relaxed posh cycle tour!). Set off in the glorious sunshine to catch ferry no.2, Lochranza to Kintyre peninsula, near Skipness.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Once at the other side we decided to check out tiny Skipness, a neat little village of 80 souls. Cycled over to Skipness castle, which was deserted, and explored.  I love how in Britain you can just end up wandering into a random castle in the middle of nowhere and no one is there, and no one minds if you go in the castle, explore, and even go up to the top of the roof and look across to Arran’s mountains. Amazing. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Set off back on the road, to enjoy some amazingly rural, little windy roads on the Eastern side of the Kintyre Peninsula (heading south).  We zoomed along well enough until our first set of very steep up and downs … slowed a bit, took some breaks… and then just kept hitting ups and downs. Steep, 25% bastard hills that were steep enough to make you out of breath at the top, but have to brake on the way down (lest you fly off into the ditch). And, as soon as you were finished with one hill, another steep one would rear its ugly head – no breaks for our legs this day, my goodness. So, we were completely knackered and very happy to finally reach Campbelton.


Found our super rad hostel, located in an old church and completely renovated recently, amazing. Very modern and new – definitely the most posh hostel I’ve stayed in. Had a chat with the very eccentric volunteer who helps to run the hostel, told me all about how there is some sort of ‘convenant of the arc’ rumour that it is located just off Vancouver island in British Columbia, Canada. The money pit or something? I need to look it up… but he was definitely a character. Super nice though!


Walked around Campbelton in a daze, hungry and knackered, finally securing a ridiculous amount of food. Jack, being the amazing lad he is, made us some leek and mushroom pasties from scratch (well, the pastry was bought, which is probably what you’d expect cycle touring) so we could have food for the next couple days, woot! We had a big dirty frozen pizza (which was ace), lots of tea and chocolate, and went to bed.



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