Ride no. 33 – Lakes to Isle of Arran, Kintyre cycle tour Day 1




Woke up mega early to board a little train from Penrith in the Lakes to Androssen in South West Scotland. Onto the Androssen ferry in the drizzly mist and off to the Isle of Arran we go! The weather turned from alright to pretty bloody good over the course of the day, lucky us. The miles to our destination for the evening, Lochranza at the north end of Arran, was pretty low so we took the day super leisurely.



Ended up heading a couple miles off the main road down to a hiking path that was supposed to lead over the ‘Cock of Arran’ (the peninsula off the most northern part of the island). We thought to venture up a wee bit on this path to see if it was at all rideable on cycle-cross/touring bikes…. It wasn’t! But no bother, we had a sit and a chat and a view over the emerald sea, beautiful.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Made our way to Lochranza, made a fine meal (pasta and isle of arran icecream!) and  a little wander around the bay. Met ‘Henry’ the local red deer stag (along with many others contently mowing the golf greens) and caught an amazing sunset over ‘mainland’ Scotland.  Day one complete!



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