Ride no. 22 – Easter Sunday spin


Ride no.22 was a Easter Sunday evening spin in the fading light, after a day of eating chocolate easter eggs (yay!) and before our big ol’ easter dinner (mmm). This consisted of a vegetarian version of the Yorkshire classic, Toad-in-the-hole, which is essentially a pancakey batter with sausages in it. Hard to describe in a way that sounds pleasing, but served with boiled cabbage, roast spuds and parsnips, and mashed carrots and swede, it was deeelicious.


The ride was essentially a slightly longer version of Ride no. 21 – it’s still quite snowy and icy up high, so we thought we’d stick to a quick local spin. The first picture up there ^ is of Jack sending a set of rocky stairs, I wasn’t as brave as him. Just a short post today, as I’d like to get back to eating chocolate eggs and digesting. I’ll leave you with a shot of what we caught the chocolate Easter bunnies doing this morning…


Hee hee – Happy Easter everyone!



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